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Selling a bike at our bike swap

On the day of our event only – bring your bike to us to sell before 1400;

We tech check every bike so that someone’s bike issues are not passed onto the buyer;

There’s a small fee to get it into the swap (we do this to recoup some of the costs in the rare chance your bike doesn’t’ sell);

You’ll provide some info so we can pay you;

We’ll verify that the bike hasn’t been reported as stolen through our software that taps the real-time stolen bike database Bike Index;

You’ll decide the price you want (coach you too);

We’ll sell your bike for you then send you an e-transfer or cheque less 15%;

If you volunteer you get the bike in for free and get 10% consignment fee, yes we’re looking for volunteers

Chris Grant

We glanced at other cyclist while cycle commuting in January 2005, spoke at the bike racks, and we’ve been together since.