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Chris Grant: CAN-Bike Master Instructor

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Chris here. I started cycling decades ago when my older brother came for a visit and showed me what mountain biking is all about. Since then I’ve toured in France and the UK, competed in 24 Hours of Adrenaline, ridden in charity rides and cycle commuted.Along the way I wondered about riding safely. Now I also teach safe cycling through CAN-Bike. I learned about the power of the bicycle and how each bike differs so that people ride the right bike decades ago and want to share that knowledge with you through our bike swaps.

I’m an engineer and do all the software testing to make sure that our fit-for-purpose software UI is clear. I used to go to police bike auctions, buy bikes, and repair them for others. Laura calls me a barnyard engineer because I can fix nearly everything. The bike swaps are a bigger impact and a way that Laura and I can give back our decades of cycling knowledge. The swaps also provide transportation security through the groups we give bike donations to. We started the swaps to ensure that people have access to good used bikes, pledge cyclists in charity rides, and support the 55 groups we work with.
We also support safe cycling education. That initiative started with the Safe Cycling card that we have printed and distributed tens of thousands of copies. When someone needs first aid training they go to a reputable and knowledgeable place like St. John’s Ambulance or Red Cross. For safe cycling education that recognised source is CAN-Bike. I am the only CAN-Bike Master instructor in Alberta and our friend Don is the only National Examiner in Alberta. A Master Instructor can train new instructors and we plan to have 5 new CAN-Bike instructors in the next 5 years. CAN-Bike training helps cyclists be confident on the roads, pathways or cycling infrastructure. Want to improve your bike riding? Then please consider a CAN-Bike course. CAN-Bike is the only nationally recognised source of cycling proficiency education. Need more? Then please email me at

Want to feel safer and more confident while cycling?

Chris Grant

We glanced at other cyclist while cycle commuting in January 2005, spoke at the bike racks, and we’ve been together since.