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Bike Donations

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We don’t have a brick and mortar location but we get hundreds of bike donations every year at our bike swap events they come in year around by email. We give those donated bikes to the groups that care and the entrance fees at our events help pay for the repair of those bikes. We have vetted bike charities and non-profits for their needs and for their ability to share nicely and play well with others. We work with dozens of bike groups to help them with bikes, funding, and awareness of what they do. We are fortunate to have over 55 groups that we work with.  Who are these groups that get these bike donations?

Only certain bikes can be used for adaptive cycling so CPKids and Families in Calgary and You Can Ride2 in Edmonton always get to pick bikes so that their bike techs can modify to make someone smile while riding.

Only certain bikes fit a child or youth, so we work with Sport Central in Edmonton, Winston Churchill High School (Youth en Route) in Lethbridge, and Two Wheel View in Calgary. Why only these groups?  Ask us by email on the form below this blog.

The hundreds of other bike donations go to B4H, Bike Edmonton, Medicine Hat Cycle Guild, Centre for Newcomers, and anyone that emails us with a kind and polite request. We’ve helped several people on AISH and dozens more of families in need. Together we can share the resources to help others.

One of our favourite strategic alliances, Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) has two sea cans at Spyhill landfill facility where they collect and process bikes for their overseas programmes. Bikes collected at Bike Swap go to Spyhill for further handling. B4H services bikes donated through other channels for sale at our Bike Swap. We do not charge any fees and those funds go directly to supporting transportation or sea can costs.

Laura Grant

We glanced at other cyclist while cycle commuting in January 2005, spoke at the bike racks, and we’ve been together since.