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The safe place to sell your bike.The safe place to buy a bike.The safe place to donate your bike.

The safe place to buy, sell or donate a bike.

Edmonton Calgary Alberta Bike Swap at U of C

What Do You Want To Do Today?

All bikes on the sales floor have undergone a basic tech check to make sure you don’t end up with an unsafe ride, but it is still up to you to get a full technical checkup with a participating bike shop. Please contact us if something is drastically wrong.
There is usually a rack of AS-IS bikes that didn’t pass the inspection, but would be a good ride for the person ready to put a bit of TLC into a new ride. This money is donated to a local non-profit bike group.

The line-up to buy bikes is already long when we’re setting up racks at 0600 in the morning in Calgary and Edmonton. If you want first dibs on a bike, please consider volunteering rather than lining up. Even if you are 3129 in line, you will still likely get a bike, but likely not the one you want.

We accept debit, cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

Bring your clean, ready to ride bike to the swap during the bike intake time.

You will set the selling price, but we can guide you on this.

We will tech-check your bike and record its serial number; the bike has to be immediately rideable. We have participating bike shops in Calgary and Edmonton that can fix your bike the day of the swap on your dime, our volunteer techs cannot do that for you.

You will sign an agreement to sell, which tells us where to send the e-transfer or write you a cheque and what to do with your bike in the slim chance that it doesn’t sell (>92% sell).

You will pay us a $15 rack fee per bike to put them into the sale, unless you are an AMA member. AMA members get $5.00 off, so they pay $10 per bike to get their bike into the swap.

You go away (but don’t leave town), we will sell your bike for you and we will send you the cheque or e-transfer the money, less 15%. You can expect your cheque 1-2 weeks after the swap. It is still a manual process that Laura and Chris complete between swaps, nothing is automagic.

In the rare chance your bike doesn’t find a new home, we’ll contact you (cell phone is best) and let you know to pick your bike up. It is rather inconvenient if you are out of town and your bike needs to be picked-up. We only have the space until the end of the swap.