Q:  Is this a cash only event?

A:  Nope!  We are no longer Luddites, and have a few of those fandangled machines.  We have at least 3  terminals for your speedy debit transaction checkout.  Sorry – NO CREDIT CARDS. We can donate more back to the community if we don’t take credit cards.

Q:  How do I go about selling a bike?

Bring your clean, ready to ride bike to the swap during the times indicated as BIKE DROP-OFF for each location.  It helps to have a selling price in mind.  We will tech-check it, and record its serial number.  You will sign an agreement to sell, which tells us where to send the cheque, and what to do with with your bike in the slim chance that it doesn’t sell.  You pay us a rack fee to get in the sale (AMA members get $5.00 off) to put the bike into the swap.  You go away, and we send you the cheque, less 12%.

Q:  What charity rides do you sponsor?

If you bring in bike to sell and your pledge sheet, we’ll pledge $50.00 to your MS or the Ride To Conquer Cancer. Since we fund the swaps out of our life savings, we ask that you are respectful and only request one pledge. We do pay taxes as a non-profit, and don’t get any breaks for paying toward a charity.

Q:  What happens if my bike doesn’t sell?

A:  We have a 92% sale rate, it will likely sell, if you set it the right price.  As part of registering your bike for the sale, you leave us a cell or land number that we can reach you at so that we can call you if your bike doesn’t sell.  The agreement to sell form also gives the option to donate it to a local non-profit group.  We only have the venue for the day, and after a reasonable number of attempts to contact you, we take the bike home.  So, please don’t leave your bike with us and then leave town – unless it’s a super nice bike and fits one of us.

Q:  Can I bring my kid’s bikes?

A:  We always end up with children’s bikes at every swap.   The only children’s bikes that we accept are better quality. We do this is to protect your child.  If you can donate any children’s bikes, we accept outgrown bikes at ever swap, and we’ll give them to a child in need in your city.  thank you.

Q:  What will the prices of the bikes be?

A:  Bikes will be $50 – $3000.  Sellers set the price, but we encourage them to price it to sell.

Q:  I’ve got a  Special Edition bike that has never been ridden.  It’s a collectors item and I want $500 for it.  Will it sell?

A:  Wow, that’s special – maybe too special for us  – BUT – you never know who will turn up and might think that is a deal.

Q:  I’ve got to have top dollar for my bike

A:  Don’t forget we have a minimal rack fee, and you get 82-88% of the selling price.  If you really need top dollar and flexibility to decide on an offer, on the spot, perhaps you should stick with traditional methods.

Q:   I’m out of town on Saturday, can I drop my bike off on Friday?

A:  You’d better use a big lock, but not so big that I can’t cut through it with my grinder.  Sorry, bad admin again.  We have rented the venue for the day and just don’t have the resources to handle early drop-offs,  or take bikes ahead of time.

Q:  How much will you give me for my bike?

A:  Sorry, we don’t buy the bikes – but can help you set a price for the swap.

Q:  How do I get the best price for my bike?

A:  Clean, cared for bikes always sell better.  Hang a write-up on it with upgrades, last service, new parts, etc – make sure the buyers can tell the value is there.

Q:  What is a Bicycle Shaped Object?

A:  I didn’t come up  with this term.  It refers to box store items that look like a bike, smell like a bike, but don’t pedal, shift, stop, or otherwise work the way a real bike should.  A bike should make you want to ride it, not leave it in the alley.